Sunday, February 25, 2007

Another Blogroll Entry

Upyernoz, while complaining that communities aren't movements, also pointed out that he linked to me for a good long time while I had never linked back.

My response, and correction is to your right. I'll freely admit that I didn't add as many people as I'd like. The reason's pretty simple- those links are hard coded, as I'd never gotten around to setting up and implementing a blogrolling account. Still, it was an oversight, as upyernoz is a decent blogger, albeit a little too inclined to defending "amnesty".

The offer remains: provided you aren't advocating killing off all the muslims or whatnot, I'll be happy to swap links. Not as a Kossack, or an Atriette, or a whatevertheheck people call themselves. As a blogger, and a liberal, and someone who believes that the internet can be a force for progressivism, provided we let it.

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