Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Good Marcotte Piece That Raises a Question...

I enjoyed reading this piece by Amanda Marcotte talking about the contradictions between the bilious attacks she's endured and biblical teachings.

(I was disappointed to read that she had resigned from the Edwards campaign. I have no doubt whatsoever that were she backing a Republican, the situation would be entirely different. I also have no doubt that this will do absolutely nothing to stop the right's attacks and accusations; they'll simply pull it out again and again to attack Edwards and ignore Amanda's resignation.

I don't think that this will help either the party or Edwards in the long run, as it'll simply embolden the smear artists, but it's Amanda's life.)

Anyway, she said something that intrigues me:

In fact, from everything I understand, much of the history of Christian misogyny is one 2,000 year long backlash against early female power in the church.
A quick question to my reader(s) out there: can anybody point to where this comes from? Amanda didn't cite anything specifically, and I'm not that knowledgable about this particular issue. Googling is an option, of course, but I figured I'd send it out there first.

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