Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Oh-Em-Gee Soft On Terra!

I'm sure people have figured out by now that I'm not writing on Canadian politics as much as I used to. The liberal leadership race is over, and after all this time I'm still conflicted about what it says about the state of liberalism, as it was such an incredibly ideosyncratic exercise.

Still, I do have to ask this.

Why on EARTH does Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper think that yelling and moaning about how his opponents are soft on terrorists is going to work in Canada? Not only does it belie his (expensive) advice to not sound too American, but it's simply not going to have that great an impact on a public that does not share the United States' formerly laser focused concern about terrorism. Even in America the terrorist argument is weaker and weaker by the day, and the Conservatives are trying to use it on Canadians?


(And just as they were doing so well with those attack ads, too.)

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