Friday, September 12, 2003

While perusing the Toronto Star, I came across a link to the site of one of the candidates in the Ontario (Canada) election, Dalton McGuinty. I looked at the site and found, oddly enough,
Dalton's blog.

The problem, though, is the same as a number of other political blogs: it's sparsely updated (just once a week or so, from the looks of it), doesn't really have the kind of personal information that makes candidate blogs so interesting, a lot of it is just warmed over partisan talking points, and is linked at the bottom of the main page, making it unlikely that people are going to run across it.

It's too bad, because the hectic pace of the Ontario election (it's a month from beginning to end) could make for a very interesting blog, even more so than the Dean campaign blog.

It's a pity, but none too surprising. There's usually a gap time between adopting a new medium and figuring out what makes it work. Dean clued in; others will too.

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