Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Ok, I can't give you a link because I didn't get this tidbit online, but can anybody suss out exactly when the (awfully convenient) rumor started that Yasser Arafat is, well, a big pedophile?

The only name I'm getting is one "Ion Mihai Pacepa", who was apparently a Romanian defector from Ceausescu's time. I find Pacepa's credibility pretty weak, considering he's a) a defector pumping up his own influence and b) a subscriber of the Coulterian "the left are all former Soviet plants" position, but maybe there's something else out there? Google searches turn up little on this guy other than excited references from people on your more rightist boards and a few NRO pieces with awesomely poor reasoning based on conveniently unverifiable information and extremely heavy guilt-by-association arguments. Other than that, no biographies, no information, no previous writings, nothing. All we get is "former Soviet bloc general".

Who is this guy?

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