Thursday, September 04, 2003

This is, perhaps, beating a dead horse, but I'm still struck by the decline of both the relevance and creativity of rightist bloggers. Sure, nobody's surprised that Instapundit and Co. are reduced to hauling out pathetic strawmen, demonstrating intolerance of artistic expression that they disagree with, and ejaculating overwrought rhetoric about the "self-destruction" of the left, but weren't right-wing bloggers actually bringing up relevant news at one point? I realize I have my own biases here, but can anybody even make the comparsion anymore between Instapundit and, say, Atrios and the Atriettes?

(And, yes, he once again pulls out the "flypaper strategy" bit, the "irrelevant and inane comparison between Iraq and some unrelated part of the U.S." bit, and the "the U.N. is irrelevant because it won't do what America tells it" bit. Gawd. Sure, I harp on themes too, but at least I don't do it on a link blog where the point is to ferret out new things.)

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