Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Car Bomb Explodes Near Baghdad Police Headquarters

A car bomb at Baghdad's police headquarters killed an Iraqi police officer and wounded about 15 others Tuesday in a suspected attempt to assassinate the police chief, a key ally of the U.S.-led occupying authorities.

The blast, which sent thick black smoke into the sky, went off as more than 100,000 mourners packed into the holy city of Najaf for the funeral of a top Shi'ite cleric slain in the most deadly of the attacks plaguing postwar Iraq.

Much of the violence has targeted U.S. forces, who lost two soldiers in a landmine explosion Monday to take the number killed in action since the official end of major combat to 67. But Iraqis cooperating with the occupiers are also at risk.
So does this imply "desperation"? Maybe, maybe not, but it does further show Iraqi attitudes towards these attacks:

"Why didn't you do this on Friday?" screamed one man pulled aside and searched by the Iraqi police who surrounded the Imam Ali shrine and kept cars from approaching it.

"The sayyid (Hakim) and all the Muslims who died would still be alive."

Many Shi'ites believe supporters of Saddam, a Sunni Muslim who repressed them, carried out the attack. But they also blame U.S. forces for postwar insecurity. The throng trailing Hakim's coffin as it entered the shrine screamed: "No, no to America!"
Great- so the "Saddam can go to hell and Bush can follow him" meme (saw it, I think, on Where is Raed, but can't find the specific link) is now conventional wisdom. "A pox on both their houses" isn't exactly the reaction ShrubCo and the rolling re-election squad was promising, hmm? Makes sense, sure, but doesn't smell of tossed flowers to me.

And it's still only been four months. Where this ends up after a year, I don't even want to know.

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