Tuesday, September 23, 2003

From the same interview, an interesting tidbit (haven't read the whole thing yet, I'll post reactions tomorrow):

The idea that--first of all, irrespective of whether my wife is or is not what Novak alleged, therefore, there was no personal involvement. I think it's important to understand about this allegation, a couple of things. One: when they're talking about "senior administration officials", they're talking about the White House. The CIA does not "out" its own. It just doesn't do that.
Bolding mine, as it's significant. There have been some bloggers that have implied that it could have been an intra-CIA dispute that led to one faction in the CIA "outing" somebody in another, but I've never really bought that factionalism could lead to such a heinous breach of organizational culture, and Wilson is flatly denying it.

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