Tuesday, August 06, 2002

This assertion is laughable. "Kaus is burying Krugman"? This would be the same Mickey Kaus who sacrificed his credibility by claiming that everybody to the left of him is a dangerous terrorist, egged on by those horrible Marxist bastards at MWO? This is the same Paul Krugman whose popularity keeps on rising and who has been driving the public discourse lately, and who has been driving the Republican establishment (and E.C. bloggers) nuts because their carping criticisms are either ignored or brilliantly reposted on his personal page because the NY Times, understandably, would never deal with such small fry?


For those who are wondering why I linked to the InstaPinion instead of to the person that he quoted... it's his uncritical and unquestioning quotation and linking that gives credibility and popularity to lame me-too E.C. blogs like "Just One Minute". I mean, what sane person attacks Brad DeLong for spelling mistakes? I can understand that Professor Glenn wouldn't want to criticize a point of view that the majority of his "Blogosphere" friends and collegues have adopted. Defending a target that so much of the blog community defines itself by opposing would be counterproductive for anybody who gains their notoriety by being a cheerleader for the medium and those who use it. He has every right to do so. On the other hand, those of us who disagree have every right to point it out. The right, and the responsibility.

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