Saturday, August 10, 2002

So this is why I've never been linked on Tapped!

They complain:
On a side note, visiting LiquidList (his site) reminded us of some friendly advice we wanted to offer on blog design. Many bloggers, including some of our favorites, choose to use "reverse" colors; that is, a dark background with light letters instead of the reverse. (They include Demosthenes and Matthew Yglesias.) Tapped is sure we are not alone when we say we find this format visually irritating even when the content is intellectually stimulating. Our suggestion: Flip your colors, or offer an option to view in the negative the way Andrew Sullivan does. Please! Eye exams cost money!
Personally, I'm rather fond of the template, and Pejman seems to get by with it without too much trouble. I might switch it in the future, but I don't want to screw around with another template when Blogger is being so ornery. (Maybe if I switched to MT or Blogger Pro, but I'm not quite there yet.)

Here's hoping the content intrigues Tapped enough to make up for the "visual irritation". And for those visiting from Tapped and who want to read my response to Steven Den Beste's theories, check out the entry directly below this one. This I wrote in minutes... that took a whole morning.

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