Monday, August 05, 2002

One thing, based on a quotation of Kaus I saw on Avedon Carol's The Sideshow. What the hell, exactly, is "paleoliberalism"?

I may be no PoMo, but that thing is packed with so many assumptions, biases, political agendas and out-and-out lies that it'd take a team of English professors a week to drag them all out. I mean, paleoconservatism I can see, maybe, because it's that philosophy (at least its Tory flavour) that appeals to tradition and the past, but that just don't apply to liberalism and never has. It's just yet another attempt by neo-cons to paint their side as dynamic and "of the future", and liberalism as some variation of socialism, to be "buried on the ash heap of history". Which is, of course, entirely nonsense outside of the reflexive libertarianism that one finds in the hothouse environment of the Internet.

I'm not surprised that Kaus would use a term like that. It effectively signifies his cutting of ties with any liberal past, and allows him to keep that vital flow of positive reactions (and links) from liberservative bloggers coming his way. I am, however, surprised that he would be so blatently obvious.

(Edit: Ugh, spelling mistakes. Sometimes I wish the "Blog This" blogger widget linked up to some sort of spell checker. My apologies for the mangling of the language.)

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