Wednesday, August 21, 2002

I hate to write non-funny responses to funny articles, but lilek's bleat about unilateralism and the retaking of the Iraqi embassy by German police misses one key point: It had, um, already been invaded.

(By anti-Saddamites, no less.)

That's like Bush the Elder's Gulf War, and nobody complains about that, because the U.N. gave him the go-ahead and their best wishes to boot. (Nice try, lovely parting gifts, etc. etc.)

Then again, how can I stay mad at anyone who acknowledges that "there is a Simpsons line for every situation in life?" I independently figured this out a half-decade ago, and it remains as true now as it was then. I'm obviously not the original source, though, so I gotta wonder who is?

(At least, I don't think think I am. Maybe I should do a google search about that sometime.)

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