Saturday, August 03, 2002

Atrios has a new quiz game! See if you can identify this quote:

Goddamn you people. Goddamn you
stupid, doomed people. Enjoy your
teevee, enjoy your next two
months of economic fun. Because
it's over.

It's over, you fucking idiots.

It's over, Nader jackasses.

Thanks, to all of you. Thanks for
making this country the
mother-fucking laughing stock of
the Earth.

What I hope for those of you who
voted for Dubya, it's death. A
sad, slow death, in the night,
where nobody cares, and missiles
from Iraq and North Korea will
rain upon your fat, hydrocephalic

Head over to his site for the full quotation, and don't go into the commentary section unless you've already made your guess because the answer's there.

I'll only give one hint: It's amazing how the faux-community of the "blogosphere" can overwhelm one's ideological consistency.


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