Thursday, August 01, 2002

I'm not exactly a big booster of Robert Musil, but I loved this:

Well, Atrios confirms that he does, in fact, literally thinks that Howard Kurtz is a National Republican Committee shill. And all the little Atriettes in the comment box agree with him, too. Better that they do. Otherwise, Atrios would be labeling THEM RNC shills. Gotta keep the prols in line!
Atrios and the Atriettes? I love it! It sounds like a band you'd find in an Archie comic!

Screw the "left wing echo chamber", the "vast left wing conspiracy", or any of that noise. My vote's for "Atriettes". Thanks, Musil. That more than makes up for that "irony geiger counters" joke that entirely fell flat.

(In case the rest of you were wondering, the rest of the post is incoherent ramblings about the meaning of the word "shill" and silly attempts to draw equivalences between the NYT and Kurtz. Which, of course, has little to do with whether or not Kurtz is indeed a shill, or whether the criticism implicit in that term is correct, but since when has Musil cared about whether his arguments made sense?)

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