Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Voting Irregularities

Seems like people are talking about problems with voting all over America. Florida, California, Virginia, North Carolina (where there's full-on voter intimidation going on), and there's a crapload of misinformation going on:

Other issues involved apparent attempts to misinform potential voters: People in Texas, Missouri, Mississippi, Alabama and Arkansas reported receiving text messages telling Democrats to vote on Wednesday, the day after the election.

An e-mail circulated in Arkansas and robocalls in Missouri also told voters they could cast their ballots on Wednesday.

One such hoax used a fake news alert from CNN.

"I have no tolerance for anyone intentionally causing confusion on Election Day," Missouri Secretary of State Robin Carnahan said in a news release. "Every eligible Missourian should be able to cast their ballot today, and my office will immediately respond to any reports of misinformation."

Carnahan added, "Anyone attempting to deprive voters of their rights on Election Day will be prosecuted."

Yeah, right. The nice thing about this sort of thing is that even if you are prosecuted, what's the worst that could happen to you, minimum security and/or a fine? It's not like it'll change a stolen election.

And that's what every progressive I know is talking about right now. "Stolen election." "Stolen election." "Stolen election." They're almost expecting it. Makes sense considering 2000 and 2004, but I'm a bit concerned by those who say that their vote won't matter because of it. I'm MORE concerned with what would happen if McCain actually pulled off an upset; progressives and African-Americans alike would probably cry fraud and hit the streets.

And you know what? They'd have a point.

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