Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Something People Should Remember

Barack Obama didn't win the presidency because he was intelligent, handsome and a gifted speaker. Those helped, but that's not why he won.

No, he won because he ran the best Democratic campaign in living memory. Arguably it was the best presidential campaign in living memory. No leaks, no mix-ups, no nonsense, with incredible mobilization of resources right when they were needed.

Usually Dems win because the Republicans screwed up; Republicans are better campaigners, but the Dems are far better at government, so the Dems can clean up Republican messes. There is an element of that here, but that doesn't explain Hillary, and it doesn't explain the size of the win. Those are testiments to campaigning skill.

No, this time the Republicans were simply flat-out beaten. Rove has been beaten and beaten decisively. Going forward, that'll be good to remember.

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