Sunday, November 02, 2008

No on Cali. Prop 8

Digby and Tristero both say no, and for good reason: It's backed by crazies, hurts the basic rights of Californians, and is propelled by both xenophobia and a backwards view of society and love.


Digby also posted on this, but it's so important, I'd also like to jump in. No On Prop 8, the pushback on the despicable anti-marriage initiative on the California ballot desperately needs 1000 volunteers to GOTV. I would join up in a heartbeat if I lived anywhere near California (I'll be doing GOTV on election day in Pennsylvania after I vote in NYC).

Sign up here to work to defeat Prop Hate. In an email, they told me they are in a dead heat. Prop Hate will deny marriage to loving couples. It is rank discrimination of the ugliest sort.

I'd like point to out that while opposition to Prop Hate is a civil rights issue of critical importance to the GLBT community, the right to marry the person you love is a fundamental civil right that impacts everyone. Oppressive societies throughout history have discriminated against couples not only on the basis of sexual orientation but also because of race, creed, religion, political views, and nearly any other difference bigots happen to obsess over. It is not a Christian principle to oppose marriages but a cynical political initiative fueled by well-funded extremists with a purely secular will to power. It would be not only a moral outrage if Prop Hate passes, but deeply dangerous to the always fragile wall of separation between Church and State.

Vote NO on Prop Hate. And people in or near California, sign up to volunteer now to GOTV and help defeat rightwing extremism.
Digby sez so. So do it.

Edit: Skippy says in comments that it's well behind in the polls. Fine. But California is one of the safest Democratic presidential states in the country, and the pro-8 people will be motivated to vote because of it.

GOTV of progressives will be critical.

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