Thursday, November 13, 2008

Oh, NOW He's a Conservative

Yep, didn't take long for some conservative hack to start saying that Prez-Elect Obama's "really a conservative". Conservatism can never fail, you can only fail conservatism.

So why is he a conservative? Well, there was babble about "the entitlement crisis" that--despite not a soul caring about in the exit poll data--was the reason for the Republicans getting punished, and apparently the big ol' communist tax reform that Obama was pushing was "conservative" because people like tax cuts and therefore that makes them conservatives.


And then there's the more people self-identify as conservatives than liberals thing. Yeah, you've heard THAT one before. And there's some quote about how ""government is the problem and not the solution" is apparently popular with Americans. Which might be convincing, if that poll weren't a month old and if the exit polls didn't scream the opposite. He's hardly alone in this. Practically all of Official Washington is bleating about a "center-right nation" that doesn't exist.

But he's illustrative of the current Republican strategy: paint the Obama of the campaign as a "conservative", and then blast him during his presidency for being a "liberal." That disconnects President Obama from the incredible success of Candidate Obama, and will work to strip him of his incredible momentum. He'll have "sold out" to the base, and then maybe they can work to pick up seats.

"Obama vs. Obama" At this point, that's the only weapon they've got.

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