Monday, November 10, 2008

Case in Point Re: Fiber

Ok, Mr. President-Elect? See this story? Right here? The one about how a Telco is trying to sue a town for daring to provide fiber?


Take that big, fat mandate of yours and pound these idiots into the ground.

Because when you've got some Telco hireling bastard like Drew Petersen saying things like:

"As a job-producing, tax-paying company with millions of dollars invested in the state of Minnesota and the community of Monticello, we see the negative consequences of the decision reaching far beyond this specific case,"

"We also believe the decision endangers the appropriate relationship between municipalities and private enterprise. A city in competition with an existing business cannot fairly discharge its regulatory duties. The city of Monticello would have an inevitable conflict of interest with TDS"... know it's squishin' time.

If companies like TDS are such a better choice, then they shouldn't need to sue over this. They should provide their superior service, and the market will decide. But right here, right now, local telecommunication monopolies are fast becoming an absolute disaster. To hell with 'em.

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