Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Special in Interests!

Edward Prescott is a funny, funny man.

The corrupt rich lawyers and Wall Street bankers support Obama. Obama caters to the special in interests. That is why the CEO’s of the big companies support him and the people oppose him
And it doesn't stop there!

Our health systemn was great until the federal government got involved. Mc Cain has made a serious proposal to improve the system. Obama’s proposal is to make a bad system worse.

Edward C. Prescott

P.S. With people like you I understand why Ruyssians can not governed themselves.

Yeah, the guy asking the questions is Russian. Whoops:

Scientist collusions follow from their assumptions. It is not a matter of religious belief. Are you Russians goiung to getogether with the Germans again and split up Poland again? You invade Georgia.
The punchline? Prescott was born in New York. That ain't ESL you're reading, folks.

(Maybe Luskin's right and they'll hand a Nobel off to anybody these days. But, more likely, it's just more proof that a few too many economists have all the communication adeptness of your typical squirrel.)

H/T DeLong

(Edit: Oh, and the economics is ludicrous too, but you knew that.)

Re-Edit: Hey, maybe this explains things:

"Economists create their own worlds. We're like little gods with our artificial economics, wanting to see what happens."
He's a tiny god! That's why he doesn't need spelling, grammar, or comprehensibility in his emails! The Lord Prescott needeth not your mortal "spelling"!

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