Wednesday, October 29, 2008

No McKenna

So, yeah, apparently the Canadian Liberals (I should probably remember to repeat that; Australia wouldn't be happy otherwise) won't have Frank McKenna running for 'em. He's sticking to the private sector.

(Just like he did in every federal election since about the 80's. Not a big surprise.)

Anyway, that clears the field on the right a bit for Manley and Iggy, who will probably end up the small 'c' conservative Liberal standard bearers. The liberal wing of the Liberal party isn't quite clear; Rae isn't half as progressive as his NDP background would make him seem, and I'm still not convinced Kennedy is going to get traction. And none of these guys really capture the imagination in the first place. (Manley? Really? I don't know the man personally, but the footage I've seen shows someone who can actually make Harper look like a dynamo of charisma.)

Is anybody really enthusiastic about this thing?

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