Monday, October 27, 2008

Iggy or Manley

When whatzisname has been chattering on and on and on about "moving to the center", it's pretty clear that he's stumping for one of the two.

(Considering his provincial background, Rae seems pretty unlikely anyway.)

You'd figure that a man who worships Carville would know that that argument hasn't worked too well for the Dems, and progressives had as much luck as conservatives in 2006. (Arguably more). But I suppose this is a stage that progressive parties go through: they think that the solution is just to "move" somewhere, and boom! Electoral victory.

So I'll ask the same question I've asked before: who would you be willing to leave behind to execute this "move"? Women? Minorities? The poor? The sick? You sure as hell can't become more socially conservative, so the only possible move to the "center" would be carving up the social safety net.

Who gets knifed in the back first?

And what happens when the conservative media and Conservative party keep on calling you "out of the mainstream" because of the people you didn't abandon? Do they get the same treatment?

How far does this go, exactly?

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