Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Last Post on This Sort of Thing in a While

When the thing that the Liberals need the most is a growing, vibrant netroots...

Jason Cherniak decides to quit:

This is my last post on politics. After almost four years of blogging, I have decided that I have had enough. When I started, I was about to start articling at a major Toronto law firm and I was moving up in the Liberal Party. I've continued to move up in the party, but I also know that too many people see me as a blogger first. I believe it is no different than appearing on TV as a spokesperson, but what I believe does not matter. Reality is reality and I am now convinced that I can do more for the Liberal Party behind the scenes than I can online. Meanwhile, I think it is in my best financial interests to focus on my law practice. However, I cannot leave without making a few observations on tonight's election.
Well, enjoy your backrooms. But they won't help.

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