Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Cobbled Together. And Insane.

Just look at the Conservative platform. (No link, you can find it on that website of theirs.) It's got giant titles on every page, MONSTER section fonts, and lots of huge pictures of Harper giving his creepy smile to the camera.

(And is a svelte 41 pages to begin with.)

The most notable bit? Apparently he wants to abolish Canada's Senate. Which would require a big constitutional change. For non-Canadian readers, constitutional change in Canada is a Very Bad Thing.

How bad?

Well, imagine if you wrapped up the gun debate and the abortion debate and the red/blue state thing and foreign policy and welfare reform. You take all of them, and squeeze them together into one big morass of hatred and division. You then give it to Karl Rove and tell him to do everything he can to make it even more hateful and divisive.

Then you pee on it.

What would remain after all of that would still not compare to what happens in Canada when you propose to change the constitution. And that's what Harper's proposing to do, in order to placate his base and try to save his job as Conservative leader.

In a time of frightening economic uncertainty, he's proposing to do the least sane thing a Canadian PM possibly could.

Unfit to lead.

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