Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Progressive Cred

According to Daily Kos, Obama voted in favor of the various "no, telcos DON'T get carte blanche" amendments to the FISA bill. Clinton didn't show. (Or voted "absent", seems a bit unclear.)

The Kossacks aren't happy. Me, I'm a little surprised. If she's trying to score with progressives, why the hell wouldn't she back a motherhood issue among them like stripping immunity? And if she isn't trying to score with progressives, what the hell is she trying to do? It's not like she's going to pull the independents away from Obama. The only people that would approve of this are the very Republican partisans that will almost certainly take the time to vote against her.

That's what really bugs me about Clinton, something that has nothing to do with ovaries. I can take calculated triangulation. I don't like it, but I can understand it. This is just dumb. CNN Senior Analyst dumb. Yes, her entire campaign has been dumb triangulation by people who can't admit that she has the exact opposite of crossover appeal and would have been far better off as the progressive candidate, but how do you not understand the situation at this point?

This would have been cheap progressive cred when she desperately, desperately needs it. And she didn't bother. Ugh.

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