Monday, February 11, 2008


Huh. So Whatzisname finally ditched the notoriously right-wing National Post. Which I'd credit as a good thing, if I didn't suspect that the reason he did it is because one of their writers absolutely eviscerated him.

(Oddly enough, I actually sympathize a bit more with ol' W; not because I've all of a sudden become a "proud censor", but simply because saying that there are a handful of fascists in ANY given country strikes me as touchingly naive when it isn't disingenuous. I just don't think the way to deal with them is to cover them up, but air them out. The paranoid little trolls HATE daylight.)

But anyway, yeah, football taken home and all that. Wonder how long the guy's going to be any kind of an ur-blogger without a media outlet to prop him up, though?

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