Friday, February 08, 2008

I Shouldn't Even Have to Say This:

Saying shit like this to digby:

"Yeah, give the c*** some smelling salts and tell her to make you a sandwich."


You want to bag on her policy positions, her support of candidates, maybe even her choice of coke vs. pepsi or tea vs. coffee, that's fine. Same goes with me. I've never erased a legitimate comment from my comments threads, and probably never will. Hell, I have a standing policy of trying to answer all comments, so come on down, you heathen tea and pepsi lovers.

But trying to intimidate digby because you found out about her gender and decided to act the Big Swinging Dick is not only beyond the pale, it's fucking it up for everybody else. It makes whatever side you're on look like a bunch of assholes, and will probably get the comments closed for the Best Damned Blog on the Internet, as well as validating that unique brand of asshole who thinks that he shouldn't even have to deal with relevant public feedback, even when he's spouting an ever-growing torrent of nonsense.

(And no, I don't care if you just really don't like Hillary Clinton. There's lots of good reasons to like or dislike her: the fact that she has ovaries shouldn't enter into it.)

Oh, and for those who think that this is a freedom of speech issue: the question of "who owns the press" looms large in freedom of expression discussions, but there's no doubt whatsoever that a blogger has the right to remove (or disemvowel) stupid or abusing comments. You don't like it, start your own. That's a totally different issue than, say, the government coming down on you for saying mean things about Scientology.

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