Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Castro's Out

Yep, Fidel's finally hanging up his hat. Cue the cheering in Miami, right?

Well, maybe not. According to VoA, because Castro's brother is taking over, it looks like the US embargo isn't going anywhere. The U.S. government doesn't like the idea of any Castro running the show, even if it isn't one named Fidel.

If the embargo stays up, a thaw in any other respect between the two countries is pretty unlikely; and as long as Castro (whichever one it is) has the support of Chavez and the other "screw America" types in South and Central America, he'll be able to muddle on with the embargo intact.

(Force is impossible. Even if the US had the spare troops, half of Latin America would lose its collective mind.)

So it appear to be a somewhat less beardy status quo.

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