Sunday, February 10, 2008

Official Business

So, I received a response in a blurb about Stephen Harper's weird self-obsession from Jennifer Smith of RuneSmith. She said...

...well, I'll just quote:

I was doing my daily obsessive wade through my Site Meter stats today, and apparently your mention of my post on this story inspired a visit from the Privy Council Office to my blog this morning.

Seriously, I would love it if they asked me to take the pictures down. I really would. They have no idea what kind of holy hell I would raise.
Huh. This means that someone at the Canadian PCO reads this blog. I've had a few from some .mil sources in the past, but as far as I know the PCO is a much smaller outfit, roughly equivalent to the White Houses' non-appointee staff.

So, whoever you are, hope you enjoy the site, and be careful Stevie doesn't catch you reading. I get the impression he doesn't take criticism--or its consumption--lightly.

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