Friday, November 19, 2010

What Did the Liberals Do to the "Eugene Forsey Liberal"?

I had mentioned yesterday that the blogger who calls himself the "Eugene Forsey Liberal" was, perhaps, the perfect indicator of the white-hot anger that the Liberal base is experiencing over the possible deceptions by the party's leadership.

Now the blog has gone invite-only. I couldn't read the entry again if I wanted to. I've seen this sort of move over personal issues, but never over political opinions, especially by someone using a pseudonym.

What happened to him? What was DONE to him? What was he threatened with?

And what does this say about his party?

Edit: And why the hell hasn't Kinsella spoken up about this shit?

Re-Edit: Oh, he did do something. He removed the link. Well, I suppose that was a reaction to EFL shutting down incoming connections to the blog. Hope so, anyway. Still provokes the question, though. What happened to spook EFL?

Another Edit: And what is the meaning of Kinsella's cryptic comment here? "UPDATE: From a friend with deep Grit caucus connections: 'Rae to Jerusalem. Smitherman to Ottawa. All’s well that ends well.'"

Does that mean "Rae's going to Jerusalem, all's well that ends well"...or does it mean "Rae says to Jerusalem 'all's well that ends well'"?

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