Thursday, November 25, 2010

Site Upgrade

Okay, after reading other people complain about the comment system that Haloscan's moved to, I've decided to both upgrade this thing and clean out the Haloscan comments at the same time. Blog will probably be wonky for a while thanks to the upgrade. Comments may be down: but you can mail me here if necessary. Blogroll may be down as well, but I'll be replacing the entries shortly.

Edit: Or not? Have to admit to being somewhat impressed with how Blogger handled the transition. Regardless, I'll probably be messing about with this for a while.

And, yes, it's brown now. I still prefer the look of light-on-dark. But this template will do for the moment.

Re-Edit: Also fixed up the links. Anybody who wants to be added, email me the link and I'll look at it. One of the nice parts about having switched is that I don't have to hand-code the links anymore. Adding them shouldn't be an issue.

1 comment:

  1. Yes, I'm using blogger comments at the moment. Doesn't have the functionality of Haloscan or Echo, but not as jam-packed with cruft, either.