Thursday, November 11, 2010

Additional Deficit Commission Bit

I hadn't noticed until I checked out Krugman's post that they recommended reducing the top bracket from 35% to 23%, and the lowest bracket from 10% to 8%.

How ridiculous can one group of people be? Poor people are struggling and have seen little wage increase in the last few decades, while the wealthiest are walking away with every bit of the wealth generated by said decades' drastic increases in American productivity...

...and you're going to make it WORSE?

Welcome to the America of the right-wing populist, folks. He lionizes you while he and his paymasters walk away with everything you spend those long, hard hours producing. The more he gets, the worse it gets. You're lucky you're getting paid at all: by this time in 2020, you'll probably get nothing for your time and effort except a pathetic allowance of Wal-Mart company scrip.

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