Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Precisely the Wrong Interpretation

Oh, Harry Reid. Why couldn't Sestak have won and YOU been tossed out?

Reid gets exactly the wrong lesson from this. From the Times:

In an early morning appearance on NBC’s “Today” show, Mr. Reid said it was time for the parties to cooperate. “The message to America today is that we’ve got to start working together,” he said. “The only way we can have progress is by working together. If that means legislative compromise, we’ve got to do that.”
Did the Republicans EVER say this? Ever? Even when they had gotten their butts kicked, they'd always talked about being a voice for conservatism, and their obstructionism benefited them handsomely in this election. Now you want to REWARD them for that by passing batshit-insane right wing legislation?

What, you think YOU will get the credit for that? In this media environment? Give me a break.

The Democratic Party of the United States of America are poorly named. They aren't Democratic. Not Liberal either. There's only one party name that TRULY fits this lot:

The Know-Nothings.

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