Friday, June 04, 2010

"Three Hours Later, They Ended Up Dying"

The account from Al Jazeera reporter Jamal Elshayyal contains a chilling moment. It's at about 4:30 in this video.

They stood outside the cabin...people put up signs in English, in Hebrew, saying 'we have injured in here', they waved white flags, a Knesset soldier said 'they have injured' yet the Israelis refused...three hours later, they ended up dying.

He said "aside from bars, there were no weapons." I still don't buy that many had knives. If any did. (Yes, there is that one shot in that one video of a guy with a broken bottle prior to the raid; we don't know whether he ended up using it, or was told to throw it out.)

He also said that "once the three soldiers had been taken captive, the intensity of the fighting increased...the organizers said that the soldiers be released lest the passengers be inflicted more harm". This fits the "commandos tossed ROEs out the window" scenario; the soldiers became terrified that some of their own could become hostages, and discarded all concern for the other passengers' safety in their rush to "rescue" their compatriots.

(Who were having their wounds treated, actually, but never mind.)

The best part, though, was when the soldier told him to soil his own clothing if he needed to urinate. At least he wasn't kicked around for his daring to ask to use a toilet. He said that others were. The lack of legal representation or consular support is just par for the course...but I wasn't expecting that he would be told to piss himself.

Then again, he's one of those nasty browns, isn't he? The guard was probably surprised he even knew what a toilet is.

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