Saturday, June 26, 2010

Once Again, The Right Works the Ref

Wasn't expecting the "ref" to ever be Ezra, of course, but then he goes and shuts down a liberal/centrist mailing list because conservatives lost their shit over it.

That this will not mollify them should go without saying. That much is clear from seeing the fine collection of hypocritical mouthbreathers in the comments who scream about "POST LIBERAL BIAS" while letting throwbacks like Hannity and Limbaugh or Krauthammer pass with a chuckle and a smile.

But, then again, he's a Post reporter now. It wouldn't be the Washington Post if it didn't roll over and show its belly at the slightest Republican whine, now, would it?

Edit: Not that I was ever really a fan of Journolist. It started as a collaborative project with Joe Klein, and that never bodes well. It was probably always doomed, too, since "privacy" on the Internet between people using their real names is about as solid and weighty as a desert cloud. It was likely to be shut down sooner or later.

But damn, Ezra, you didn't need to feed the wildlife when you did it. I mean, you helped give aid and comfort to Jeffrey Goldberg. That should be some kind of misdemeanor offense.

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