Saturday, June 12, 2010

IDF Using Activist's Bank Cards? (Edit: According to Haaretz, Yes!)

 This is from PressTV, which is an Iranian source and therefore something to be taken with more than a bit of salt, but see for yourself:

A US activist, who has survived an Israeli attack on a convoy of ships carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza, says Israeli forces are looting money from her bank card.

Former US nurse and aid worker Kathy Sheetz, who was on Mavi Marmara ship, has provided Press TV with bank statements proving her bank card, taken by the Israeli forces during the attack, has since been used in Tel Aviv.

"It looks as though they tried to use it without the PIN code and could not, but they could use it in a vending machine and had multiple accesses to my card to buy beer, according to the statement," Sheetz said.

"What it means is that I witnessed the Israeli Navy going and killing people and at the end buying beer with my card," she added.

Press TV has also learned that the Freedom Flotilla activists may have been robbed of cash and equipment, worth $3.5 million, by Israeli military after their ships were attacked on May 31.

The Israeli attack on the six-ship convoy in the Mediterranean Sea killed at least 20 peace activists, including nine Turkish citizens on board the M.V. Mavi Marmara, and injured over 40 others.
There are a lot of reports of people having their stuff taken, but who uses a capturees' bank card? It's almost too bizarre to believe.

Then again, with this issue, I'm starting to think that NOTHING is too bizarre to believe. 

Edit: Another journo made the same claim in Haaretz. So it's likely true. And ridiculous.

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