Saturday, June 05, 2010

"Kill All Arabs! Kill All Arabs!"

This is a bit of video I wish I hadn't seen. It's from the port of Ashdod. The title quote is a direct one.
In addition to the "Kill all Arabs" bit, we also get to see one of the pro-IDF protesters harass a young, scared Arabic-looking woman, and another attempt to assault an Arabic-looking man.

Other choice quotes:
"You know what the Israeli Army is guilty of? It's not whipping off the whole ship and killing everyone".

"Next time it will be you", aimed at the girl. She was later told that she was a "cockroach" and to "go find a man to fuck".

My favorite, of course, "Death to the leftists! Death to the leftists!"

As I said in response to the Sully piece, this isn't new, or surprising, or rare. It's tribal identification: "us" vs. "them". Sooner or later "they" stop being people. They become "cockroaches".

Which, by the by, is the slander the Hutu inciters were using to egg on the slaughter of Tutsi during the Rwandan genocide.

No, it's not new, or novel, or surprising. But damned if it isn't depressing.

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