Monday, September 01, 2008


Just to make a point: I know a lot of the right-wing bloggers are losing their minds because liberals are daring to point out liberals supposedly "assailing" a "16-year-old girl".

But, uh, I don't remember one of these guys every saying one damned word of criticism when Rush was taking shots at Chelsea, and I imagine a quick search (for those with the stomach) would quickly turn up lots and lots of objectionable material.

No, this isn't about protecting a girl. Palin's policies would force teen victims to bear the children of their rapists, they don't give a damn about protecting the futures of vulnerable teens. This is about their creeping realization that their candidate is poorly vetted, and that the games the right has been playing with Obama's parentage and patriotism can and will be visited upon their own candidates tenfold.

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