Monday, September 01, 2008

"I Made Her Governor"- Alaskan Seperatists

I was wondering who made Palin governor. But in that Kos piece we find out who it was:

The AIP’s main aim is to secede from the United States, becoming either a territory or a sovereign nation. They aim to be entirely "self-sufficient" using profits from the oil and gas resources of the state.

On their website, you’ll see this:

The Alaskan Independence Party can be summed up in just two words:

And their 2008 platform:

To seek the complete repatriation of the public lands, held by the federal government, to the state and people of Alaska in conformance with Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17, of the federal constitution.

Governor Palin’s connections with the AIP are also furthered by her connection to Wally Hickel, a former Alaskan governor. Hickel was elected on the AIP ticket. He served as the co-chairman of Governor Palin’s campaign in 2006
Here is a quote from an interview Hickel did with the Alaska Dispatch:

When Palin was running for governor in 2006, Hickel appeared in advertisements supporting her and the Alaska pipeline.
"I made her governor," Hickel told me.

That last bit of bolding was mine. Could it be that Palin was, and maybe is, the willing tool of Alaskan secessionists? Isn't that, aha, slightly treasonous?

Just gets better and better.

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