Sunday, September 07, 2008

Aww. Ain't It Cute?

Lookie! See that there? Yep, right there? It calls itself Steve! It has a website!

And it thinks its found something! Let's have a look:

The Liberal Party is leasing a 30-year-old 737 as Stephane Dion's campaign plane. It is, by far, the dirtiest aircraft used by the major parties.

But apparently any criticism is misguided. See, the Liberal Party is buying carbon offsets.

Well then, that fixes the problem, doesn't it.

Doesn't it?

As I noted yesterday, my post on the old dirty plane the Liberals are trying to lease has gotten a great deal more exposure than I expected.
Aw, ain't it cute? It thinks that the novelty of a plane somehow makes a substantial difference as to how much carbon it emits! Now, Steve here got a little sad, because people were making fun of it for not knowing that Dion—unlike its favoritist person ever, the OTHER Steve—was making sure that he invested in reducing carbon emissions to make up for the plane! Some naughty young people apparently even made an investment on the other Steve's behalf!

Oh no!

Poor Steve.

But wait! Steve thinks its found something, remember?

Now, Steve's not very good at HTML. It makes some really ugly HTML. So trying to quote it wouldn't work too well. But I can tell you that Steve thinks that its found out that the company that the Liberals are buying the offsets from, Carbonzero, doesn't have any projects that are still going on! Steve says that CZ just has a wind farm that's already been built or something! Steve found a page and everything! Oh no!

That page was quite a find, Steve!

Oh, but wait. Steve missed this page:

TORONTO, Sept. 7 /CNW/ - Carbonzero announced today that it will be offsetting the greenhouse gas emissions produced by the Liberal Party of Canada's Leader's Tour for the federal election.

"Carbonzero is pleased to be working with the Liberal Party, in quantifying and neutralizing the greenhouse gas emissions that will be emitted from the upcoming Leader's Tour," said Carbonzero spokesperson Steven Rieck.

"It's encouraging to see politicians are taking responsibility for their emissions and we hope that it will translate to strong action on climate change after the November election."

The offsets purchased by the Liberal Party of Canada will be directed by Carbonzero to a Quebec project which replaces inefficient gas boilers in heating systems with new units employing heating controls and new energy efficient piping systems.

Additionally, the project includes new solar heating collectors and retrofits the buildings to allow heat recovery from domestic wastewater, and switches heat generation systems from natural gas to electricity.
Oh no! Poor Steve. It's done its best, but all that Steve found was that CZ has been a little lax in updating one of their webpages. They've got quite a handsome project going for Mr. Dion. And in Quebec, no less, the province that Mr. Dion is from! Looks like Mr. Dion's going to be offsetting that carbon after all!

Still, let's give a big hand for Steve! Yes, Steve. It's just like a real blogger!

Only dumber.

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