Saturday, September 20, 2008

Obama's Well Up

So sez skippy, quoting Gallup:

gallup poll daily tracking from wednesday through friday finds barack obama maintaining his lead over john mccain among registered voters, by a 50% to 44% margin…

obama's current 50% rating matches his 50% record high reached just after the democratic national convention. (that came in gallup poll daily tracking from aug. 30-sept. 1.) however, his current six percentage point advantage is not as large as the nine-point lead he held in late july and an eight-point lead after the democratic national convention in late august. it is important to note that mccain recovered and moved ahead after each of these obama high points, suggesting that it is certainly possible that mccain could recover in this situation as well.
He might recover, but I'm not sure how; so far he hasn't revealed much that is especially attractive, and it looks like Palin's declining as an influence.

(Well, a positive influence.)

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