Friday, August 29, 2008

Well, Megan received her talking points

She's never been that inspiring a writer, so it's no surprise that her response isn't terribly inspiring either. Just the same old boilerplate Republican whining about Dems: about how they dare to care about those icky people that can't donate thousands of dollars to the institutions that pay people like Megan their salaries.

I mean, yeah, anybody who named themselves after a Ayn Rand character is going to react poorly when somebody says that "fuck you, Jack, I've got mine" isn't the way to run a country. It's not like her response wasn't predictable. It was just, well, uninteresting. "Jane Galt" remains a third-rate mind at best.

Then again, considering Douthat's equally sad reaction, perhaps I should just chalk it up to "the Atlantic Monthly, it doth sucketh" and give my thanks that Matt got the hell out of there.

(At least Matt, unlike Ross, knows what a paragraph is.)

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