Friday, August 29, 2008

Waiiit a Second

I just took off my analyst hat and reread what I wrote in that last post. Now I'm really kind of concerned.

A completely unqualified creationist who has only served as Governor of a poorly-populated state for one and a half years could become the President of the United States.

I still get a little "weirded out" by Obama's success; he's risen so far, so fast, that it's dizzying sometimes. But he's fought for it every step of the way, and has the kind of story that makes it possible. He may be young, comparatively speaking, but he's earned it.

Palin is nobody. She's a small-town mayor who managed to get into the Alaskan Governor's Mansion in 2006 for being less somewhat less corrupt than Alaskan Republicans. That's it. People were ticked off at Republican corruption, she positioned herself as a non-corrupt Republican, and got voted in in a traditionally Republican state. I could see her becoming a good Governor in time, better than most Republicans at any rate, but this is not that time.

And she could have her finger on the button if anything happens to McCain. It would be like that one Heinlein story in Expanded Universe, except somehow LESS plausible.

This election just became immeasurably weirder.

Edit: A social conservative neophyte. A social conservative neophyte who thinks that creationism should be taught in schools as science.

As president of the United States.


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