Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I gotta say, it's been insanely entertaining watching Canadian conservatives (a particularly vile and pestilent breed) turn on Warren for saying mean things about them.

I mean, I can understand that they'd be shocked and surprised, considering his past history of puffing up their Dark Lord. But for whatever reason (shurely not his parting with the Posties!) he's been letting Harper have it with both barrels. And MAN are they ticked. Probably a little afeared, too: they were probably counting on his crypto-support for that election Canada might have coming, but as it is...

(As for America, well... All I'll say is that CNN might have managed to cut the Republicans' next commercial when they hauled that one Clinton supporter in front of the camera, to tearfully say that she's "not sure if she's going to vote". A whole night's worth of careful stagecraft, quite possibly ruined by one distraught woman. Impressive.)

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