Monday, August 11, 2008

Simple Answer to an Idiot's Question:

Yes, Mr. Kristol. Yes, Russia will "get away with it".

Because you can huff and puff all you want about dictators (which seems to be a slight mischaracterization of the situation both Hu Jintao and Vladimir Putin are in, but anyway), but Russia isn't Syria, Libya, Iran or Iraq. You can't bully it, and you sure as hell can't invade it.

This is a whole different level, now, and your yapping, irritating toy poodle of an discredited ideology isn't equipped to handle it. Go back to prattling about Lebanon or something.

Edit: Hahaha, this stuff is all over the place. Robert Kagan is prattling on about how this is clearly just like 1938, proving once again that if you took away WWII analogies from a neocon, the poor man would be absolutely lost. Yglesias makes the valid point that making these comparisons is irresponsible if you aren't planning to declare war, and declaring war in this case is impossible.

But then again, when all you have is a hammer...

(Further Edit: Didn't realize Yglesias had moved over to ThinkProgress. Good for him. That pretty much removes any interest I have in The Atlantic these days, though. Sully has his moments, but it's still the outfit that signs McArdle's paycheck.)

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