Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Neverending War

"There's no doubt in my mind that we'll be welcomed as liberators."

Old quote, right? But there's one thing:

John McCain is the guy saying it.

That, and lots more, in this video by Jed Report called "John McCain's neverending war."
It's pretty damning.

It's huge on Digg right now, so I don't really need to push it; even so, it's worth repeating. I'm also thinking about finally taking the plunge and setting up that little mini-wall of social networking widgets that many blogs have these days. An occasional Digg would be nice.)

Anyway, most interesting thing aside from the content is that there's a war over it on Digg. Social collaboration and networking sites are nice enough, but if you've got enough people with an agenda, they become a war zone; in this case between people Digging the story to get more people to notice it and McCain supporters trying to bury it. Considering a rating-and-burying system much like Digg's might be coming to Google soon, this is a huge issue, and makes me wonder where "Web 2.0" is going, exactly.

Could Web 2.1 be less of a conversation, and more of a battlefield?

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