Sunday, July 20, 2008


Remember I did a bit on Sean Tevin? The Kansas blogger that was leveraging the Internet to find 3000 donors, a number considered heretofore-impossible?

Well, he not only did it, he got five thousand and counting.

That says two things to me.

First, don't screw with Cory Doctorow, he's got power.

Second, that what Obama did is replicable. It isn't just about personality. It's about creativity, finding an audience, and a winning pitch. Tevin using XKCD-style art to support his campaign was a creative idea, and people liked it. And since they were happy to like it to the tune of about eight bucks, the boy is swimming in cash and very likely to put on a serious fight.

And, let's not forget, he's also got a gigantic list of donors that he doesn't need to reveal if he doesn't want to. That's handy. If, say, Sean's Congressman, Dennis Moore, wants to see if he can get a few bucks from The Three Thousand (which is now about five, it's STILL going up as I write this) too, he's going to need to play ball with Sean. Ditto for Sibelius, assuming that she isn't going for a VP run.

Heck, even then, if Sean has donors that aren't Obama names, even Obama might want a friendly mention. (For some cross-promotional considerations, of course.)

Even if Sean doesn't win this race, I'd keep an eye on him. He's got something going here.

And, as always, I'd suggest to any Canadian progressive readers that might have the ear of prominent Liberals that they need to start paying some goddamned attention to what's happening in America. Sean got big wads of cash because he doesn't fear blogging. There just might be a lesson in that.

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