Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Hey, here's a fun chart:

And here's where it came from:

The funny thing is that the essential ludicrousness of this guy was plain to see all along.
(The column.)

There are some things that probably deserve a bit more attention, though. The "net worth" increase is probably meaningless, since so much of it is top-end biased and what's left depended on the home value bubble. And look at the employment and wage numbers: they're ridiculously small! Not just in comparison to the typical increase, but as a straight percentage, they're ludicrous!

And that's not even factoring in the incredible expansion of executive compensation!

Worst. Preznit. Ever.

Edit: Krugman points out that a lot of these problems preceded Bush. Fair enough. One problem, though- he also reveals that most of them are the fault of, yep, Republicans. Health care costs? UHC was scuttled by Republicans. Energy prices? Republicans didn't do a damned thing about them except invade Iraq in 2003. Housing? Well, blame for that goes around to a ton of places, but it wasn't the Dems who were agitating for "reducing red tape" on the quasi-banks that underwrote and drove the credit expansion.

Face it. Republicans are terrible at economics. It sounds wrong, you'd think old, fat, rich white men would know a thing or two about handling the public purse, but they really don't. They're horrible at it. Their ridiculous unsupportable ideology keeps getting in they way.

Better to have a Know-Nothing speaker than a Republican one.

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