Friday, July 04, 2008

In Happier, Robot-ier News

Wall-E is absolutely amazing, and yet more proof that Jobs should execute some kind of bizarre leveraged buyout of Disney just so that he can hand the whole damned thing over to John Lasseter.

I'm a bit divided on the inevitable toys, though. On the one hand, Disney has always made sure that Pixar spin-off toys are good quality stuff, and yet on the other hand, it's Wall-E we're talking about here. (Maybe some recycled plastic used in the construction?)

But on the other hand--of this horrific three-armed beast--anything that gets kids into robotics is probably a good thing. You know that at least a few kids walked out of that theater and thought "robots are awesome! I want a robot! I wanna make robots!" And you know what? Robots are awesome, kids. Go nuts.

So, maybe the solution is to let the kids have a Wall-E for Christmas, but only if they learn how to program it. Or maybe if they build one themselves. How's THAT for good ol' American do-it-yourself spirit!

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