Tuesday, April 22, 2008

So! Pennsylvania

The choice is yours. (Well, was yours. Not sure when the polls close.)

Your first choice is a Senator who, apparently, has a dismally dysfunctional organization, blew an early lead, is overblowing her experience, and almost has no shot of winning... but continues to battle it out anyway. Assuming she isn't poisoning the well, you have to respect that.

Your other choice is another Senator who is a ridiculously good speaker, a somewhat weaker debater, has a few friends that perhaps, well, don't display the media savvy that one would prefer, is preciously naive about moral hazard in health care, and has rhetoric about uniting America that, unfortunately, brings to mind Grover Norquist's dictums about date rape.

Have fun.

(Then again, either of them is preferable to the guy that calls his wife a c--t in public. SCREW that guy.)

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